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" Adriatic Euroregion Conference "

“DEFINING COMPETENCES AND SKILLS FOR PUBLIC MANAGERS IN THE ADRIATIC EUROREGION” As an immediate follow-up to the contents of the Initiative for the creation of the Adriatic Strategy, planned for the 24th February 2010 in Brussels, the Molise Region will organize at his Brussels Office on 24, 25 and 26 February 2010, a training conference, entitled “Defining competences and skills for Public Managers in the Adriatic Istrian County Euroregion”. In order to play a key role to the identification of the common strategy for the Adriatic area, the Molise Region wishes to offer a platform to facilitate the sharing of good practices and experiences among the Members States of the European Union and those of the Adriatic basin, included Kosovo, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRoM). The aim of the training conference is to provide an opportunity to dialogue between the public administration representatives from each involved territory, including the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA). The training conference will represent an opportunity to compare and debate on the need to identify and establish a mutual program for shared training of public managers from the Adriatic Euroregion. The conference will aim to improve the territorial governance, as well as cultural integration and the competences across the whole Adriatic territories having the same cultural heritage.

" An Adriatic Strategy Towards European Integration "

The Adriatic Euroregion has the pleasure to invite you to the Conference addressing the issue of AN ADRIATIC STRATEGY TOWARDS EUROPEAN INTEGRATIONRequest to the European Institutions and to the Member States for the launching of an Adriatic Strategy In light of the numerous global challenges with which the Adriatic territory has to confront and with the aim to reach the objectives of economic, social and territorial cohesion the members of the Adriatic Euroregion have launched the Initiative for the creation of an Adriatic Strategy. Taking into consideration the European goal to strengthen territorial cooperation and to offer an EU strategy favourable for the development of macro-regions, the Adriatic Euroregion intends to inform the European institutions and the European Istrian County stakeholders about the need for the creation of an Adriatic development Strategy which will contribute to overcome the disparities which characterize the Adriatic Basin. The Conference will take place the 24th February 2010 from 11.00 – 13.00 in the Committee of the Regions (2, Rue Van Maerlant, 1040 Brussels,Van Maerlant Building – Room VM1). The draft programme is enclosed to this invitation together with the registration form.

" 1st Meeting Commission for Welfare – Forli’, 13-14 May 2010 "

Emilia Romagna Region promoter of the institution of the Welfare Commission in support of the 5 existing Commissions of the Adriatic Euroregion, hosts the first meeting of the aforementioned Commission which will take place the 13th and 14th May 2010 in Forli (IT), in order to favour the definition of a common strategy on the Welfare policies.

" Formed in Forlì the Welfare Commission of the Adriatic Euroregion "

Formed in Forlì the Welfare Commission of the Adriatic Euroregion On the 13th and 14th May 2010 was held in Forli, in the prestigious Museum of San Domenico, the first meeting of the Welfare Commission of the Adriatic Euroregion. The working agenda for the coming months has been defined. The Adriatic Euroregion is the Association of regions bordering the Adriatic, which has intensified the cross-border relations, identifying common solutions to major problems in the area and to enhancing the development. The meeting was organized by the Emilia Romagna Region and the Municipality of Forlì, with the assistance of the Province of Forlì-Cesena, chaired by Davide Drei and Patrick Leech. Besides, among others attended: Sonja Grozic Zivolic representing the Presidency of the Euroregion; Georgios Lychnos representing the Prefecture of Thespotia who chairs the Commission Welfare Euroregion, Teresa Marzocchi Councillor for Social Policy and Enrico Cocchi Director General Planning and European Affairs of Emilia Romagna, Giovanna Andreola, Managing Authority IPA CBC Adriatic, representatives of Italian regions Veneto, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia regions of representatives of the Eastern Adriatic Counties, Istria Sibenik Dubrovnik, Kotor (Croatia), and the Canton of Hercegovina and Neretva (Bosnia Herzegovina), Vlore (Albania) Trespotia (Greece), the Brussels representative of the Adriatic Euroregion Di Gregorio, Stefania Servidio representing Interregional Agency for Cooperation and the President of ERVET.

" Croatia is ready to celebrate its entry into European Union "

Croatia is preparing to join European Union, with historical-cultural celebrations, but particularly with a solemn ceremony organized by Istria Region. The ceremony, entitled “Istria without borders” will be held just on July the 1st , historical date for the same region and for the entire country that will enter in Europe, after about ten years of pre-accession negotiations, efforts to harmonize national legislation to the EU rules, to reform institutions and procedures. For the occasion, the President of Istria, Valter Flego, called together all presidents and representatives of “friendly” regions – such as those belonging to the Euroregion, which have strongly supported Croatia’s accession to the EU – at the headquarters of Istria Region and at the House of Croatian Defenders of Pula. In these locations, the events will start at 14 pm. “We want to take this opportunity to celebrate the seventh birthday of the Adriatic Euroregion, founded in 2006, on June the 30th , just in the House of Croatian Defenders in Pula,” said the President Flego. A double celebration, therefore, for Croatia, which intends to take with courage and optimism all new opportunities that will arise for the twenty-eighth state of European Union. A party during which Istria, which hosts events, will also show its artistic and cultural richness.

" A laboratory to support macro-regional strategy "

It will be held on July the 18th in Gorizia, at the Coronini Cronberg palace, the technical meeting between the partners of Adrigov on the WP5 (Work Package 5), whose purpose is to support the implementation of macro-regional strategy in the Adriatic –Ionic area. This will be achieved through the establishment of a laboratory for strategic planning. The workshop will contribute to the drafting of future operational programs, such as the fundamental “Gateway to south-east Europe” (which will replace the current IPA Cross Border) and the upcoming CBC Italy-Croatia. Thanks to partnership on which it can rely, the laboratory will play a key role in the development of macro-regional strategy, contributing to the identification of priorities for action – corresponding to the future program axes – and developing project ideas that can be financed under the ” flag” of Adrigov to bring benefits to the entire Adriatic-Ionian area. The workshop participants will share project proposals, will develope a “platform” of the actions needed to grow these plans, will create synergies between the different levels of programming (national, regional, transnational). As for the method to be used, in the context of the meeting of Gorizia will be proposed a study of the strengths and weaknesses of the projects that have involved in the past, and continue to affect, the Adriatic area.

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